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Graduate Courses

Courses Offered Fall 2016

Core Courses

  • POL 5485                   Human Rights Policy: Issue and Actors (Ron)*
  • Law 6886                   International Human Rights Law (Meili, Moen, Weissbrodt)

*Previously Titled: Human Rights and Democracy in the World*

Elective Courses

  • ACL 5100                   Topics in Arts and Cultural Leadership
    Section 001: Arts and Politics (Dawn Bentley)
  • AFEE 5361                World Development Problems (Plonski)
  • AFEE 5361:               World Development Problems (Plonski)
  • AFRO 5866/       The Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, 1954-1984 (Mayes)
    CI 5410                Special Topics in Teaching of Literacy (Thom Swiss) Section 001: Politics of Literacy and Race in K-12 Classrooms
  • CI 8571     Equity, Policy, and Social Justice in Science Education (Upadhyay)
  • COMM 5221              Media, Race, and Identity (Rodman)
  • CSPH 5111                Ways of Thinking About Health (Hassel)
  • DSSC 8111       Approaches to Knowledge and Truth: Ways of Knowing in Development Studies and Social Change (Scheman)
  • ENGL 8400                Seminar in Post-Colonial Lterature, Culture, and Theory: Post-Coloniality, Human Rights, and Justice (Ismail)
  • EPSY 5135                 Human Relations Workshop (Pabon)
  • EPSY 8406                 Professional Ethics for Counselors and Psychologists (Burke)
  • ESPM 5251       Natural Resources in Sustainable International Development
  • (Current)
  • GWSS 5104                Transnational Feminist Theory (Nagar)
  • LAW 6030                 Contemporary Problems in Freedom on Speech and Press (Kirtley)
  • LAW 6071                 International Law (Morrison)
  • LAW 6801                 Death Penalty (McLaughlin, Wells)
  • LAW 6872                 Immigration Law (Meili, Myers, Webster, Weissbrodt)
  • LAW 6886                 International Human Rights Law (Weissbrodt, Meili, Moen)
  • LAW 6893                 Transitional Justice (Ní Aoláin)
  • OLPD 5104                Strategies for International Development of Education Systems
  • (Johnstone)
  • OLPD 5721         Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (Gupton)
  • OLPD 8121          Doctoral Seminar: Comparative and International Development Education (Shirazi)
  • PA 5022/5390        Economics for Policy Analysis and Planning II
    Section 002: Economics of Race, Crime, and Law Enforcement (Myers)
  • PA 5281           Immigrants, Urban Planning, and Policymaking in the U.S. (Allen)
  • PA 5301           Population Methods & Issues in the U.S. & Global South (DeWaard)
  • PA 5401           Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy (Hanratty)
  • PA 5451            Immigration, Health and Public Policy (Fennelly)
  • PA 5490           Topics in Social Policy
    Section 005: The Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, 1954
  • 1984 (Stone)
  • PA 5501           Theories and Policies of Development (Friedemann-Sanchez)
  • PA 5601           Global Survey of Gender and Public Policy
  • PA 5890           Topics in Foreign Policy and International Affairs
    Section 002: International Humanitarian Crisis Simulation (Gray)
  • PA 5813                     US Foreign Policy: The Institutional Basis (Curtin)
  • PA 5885                     Human Rights Policy: Issues and Actors (Ron)
  • PA 5823                     Humanitarian & Human Rights Challenges for Policy Makers and Practitioners (Schwartz)
  • PUBH 6115           Worker Protection Law (Austin)
  • PUBH 6606            Building Communities, Increasing Health: Preparing for Community Health Work (Axtell)
  • PUBH 6634           Advocacy and Children’s Rights (Gilchrist)
  • PUBH 6801           Health and Human Rights (Allison)
  • PUBH 6804            Community Mental Health (McAlpine)
  • SOC 4411/            Terrorist Networks
    SOC 5411
  • SOC 8390              Topics in Political Sociology: Social Movements (Broadbent)
  • SOC 8551              Social Structure and the Life Course (Mortimer)
  • SW 8153            Models of Community Intervention
  • SW 8154           Organizations and Policy Advocacy


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENTS: The Human Rights Program has pre-approved these courses as electives for the Graduate Minor in Human Rights. However, for an elective to count toward the minor it must be outside a student’s major field of study. Also, it is each student’s responsibility to contact the instructor regarding any pre-requisites or other registration requirements for the course.

Please direct questions and requests regarding qualifying graduate courses to hrminor@umn.edu.

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