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Reproductive Health Matters

Acceptance Rate: 30-40%
Publishing Frequency: 2 per year
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Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) is an independent charity, producing in-depth publications on reproductive and sexual health and rights for an international, multi-disciplinary audience. Our publications are available in print and on the web by subscription in all developed countries and are distributed free to developing country institutions and organisations. The RHM journal is produced twice yearly in English and in seven other languages in translation. RHM also organises international workshops on new, controversial and neglected issues of importance to the field. All of this has been made possible by generous grants from foundations and governments.

Goals of the Journal are: to promote laws, policies, research and services that meet women’s reproductive health needs and support women’s right to decide whether, when and how to have children; to examine experiences, values, information and issues from the point of view of the women whose lives are affected; to motivate improvements in policy, services and practice the women’s benefit; and to inspire new thinking and action in the field.


Clear and Compelling Evidence: The Polish Tribunal on Abortion Rights
Human Rights Begin at Birth: International Law and the Claim of Fetal Rights
Sexual and Bodily Rights as Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa
Disclosure of HIV Status and Human Rights: The Duties and Responsibilities of Couples, Medical Professionals, Family Members and the State