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Undergraduate Courses

Courses Offered Fall 2016

  • AAS 3251W/ Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender   
    SOC 3251W
  • AAS 3875W               Comparative Race and Ethnicity in US History
  • AFEE 3361                World Development Problems (Plonski)
  • AFRO 3251W            Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender (Brewer)
  • AFRO 3866/              The Civil Rights and Black Power Movement, 1954-1984
  • HIST 3856
  • AMST 1012               Migrants, Refugees, Citizens, and Exiles: The US on an Immigrant Planet (Pha, Atwood-Hoffman)
  • ANTH 4031W           Anthropology and Social Justice (Valentine)
  • EPSY 3132                 Psychology of Multiculturalism in Education (Hansen-Burke)
  • ESPM 3251                Natural Resources in Sustainable International Development (Current)
  • GLOS 3401W International Human Rights Law (Frey)
  • GLOS 4104/H            Crime and Human Rights (Savelsberg)
  • GLOS 4406/               Sociology of International Law: Trafficking, Human Rights, and
    SOC 4170              Business Regulation (Boyle)
  • GWSS  1005               Engaging Justice (Garvey)
  • GWSS 3002W/V       Gender, Race and Class in the U.S. (Palacios)
  • HIST 1015W             Globalization: Issues and Challenges (Isett)
  • ID 3462W                  HECUA Off Campus Programs: Writing for Social Change (Holliday)
  • POL 3739                   Politics of Race, Class, and Ethnicity (Nimtz Jr.)
  • POL 4485                   Human Rights and Democracy in the World (Ron)
  • PUBH 3802               Health and Human Rights (Allison)
  • SOC 3201                   Inequality: Introduction to Stratification (Bian)
  • SOC 3211W               American Race Relations (Logan)
  • SOC 3671                   Contemporary Chinese Society: Culture, Networks and Inequality in China (Bian)
  • SOC 3090                   A Human Right to Healthcare (Muckenhuber)
  • SOC 4170                   Sociology of International Law: Trafficking, Human Rights, and Business Regulation (Boyle)
  • SOC 4311                   Power, Justice, and the Environment (Goldman)
  • SPAN 3105                Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures (Section 002)(Forcinito)
  • SPAN 3221                Interpreting Colonial Latin America: Empire and Early Modernity (Marrero-Fente)
  • SW 2501W                Introduction to Social Justice
  • SW 3703                    Gender Violence in Global Perspective

Courses Offered in Past Semesters